Pre-Show: Important information

N.B. Prior to build-up

Exhibitors with any outstanding payments on contracts or additional services will not be permitted access to the venue or to take possession of their stand at build-up until their accounts are settled in full.

  • Form No. 1 ‘Occupational Health & Safety’ is compulsory – all exhibitors must complete prior to build-up.

  • Form No. 2 ‘Health & Safety requirements for Exhibitors’ is compulsory for all exhibitors. Deadline date 31st January 2020.

Principle exhibitors to register at build-up and collect their exhibitor badges as soon as possible at the Organisers Office.

Ensure that these certificates have been handed in at Organisers Office:

  • Structural Engineers Certificate
  • Certificate of Compliance (COC)
  • Certificate of Acceptability (COA)
Rules & Safety Regulations for Exhibiting

Download the Health & Safety Checklist Here

Exhibitor listing

The product to be exhibited is stated on the contract to exhibit and exhibitors are bound to adhere to the contract in this regard.

  • The Organisers reserve the right to prevent companies not contracted to exhibit from coming onto the show and “sharing” exhibition space without prior notification and approval from the Organisers.
  • The exhibitors listing will be according to products listed on the contract to exhibit and are listed subject to ‘errors & omissions excepted’ proviso. Listings are limited to contracted 2020 Johannesburg HOMEMAKERS Expo exhibitors.
  • Companies exhibiting in the themed areas, to ensure stand display and product design is in line with the theme, standard and criteria for this area.
  • Retails exhibitors conducting direct sales doing demonstrations on their stands are to refrain from using lapel microphones and are required to monitor and control the sound level emanating from their stands.