Expo Marketing

With a marketing spent in excess of R2 million the show is set to draw upper income home owners.

An integrated proven and successful mix of TV, radio, outdoor, print and public relations are employed in conjunction with an impactful and interactive online and social networking campaign.


30 second commercials flighted across selected channels the week of and leading up to the show.


An impactful selection of morning and afternoon drive packages on the biggest commercial and community radio stations in Gauteng. A blend of recorded generics, live reads, giveaways and listener enticements will be conducted.


A Mix of strategically well-positioned outdoor media options: Large format billboards, gantries, Street poles and A1 event posters on all major and busy arterial and suburban routes in and around Johannesburg.


Full page adverts in home interest consumer magazines, HOMEMAKERS magazine in January and February 2020. HOMEMAKERS Expo will be featured in several local Newspapers and Monthly glossy magazines including ticket inserts in glossy magazines.


A digital campaign with a strong focus on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn as well as blog posts and newsletter features. It also includes banners, promotional mailers, event listings, competition ticket giveaways and articles on home and property related websites.

SMS campaign

SMS’s will be sent to opt-in databases of thousands of past visitors and related trade. Sponsors and partners will also run SMS campaigns.


Supporting the marketing campaign giving added promotional and editorial exposure to the event in targeted consumer magazines, newspapers, blogs and online event listings.

Social Media Exhibitor Interaction

Use the following easy-to-use Social media tips: