Safety, security & regulations

Build-Up: Security

The Organiser provides general security (24 hours per day) for the duration of the show, and does not take responsibility for any items brought in by exhibitors, staff, agents, members of the public or any person whatsoever.

Only the Official Security contractor is allowed representation at the expo. No private security guards will be permitted.

Safety during Build-up and Breakdown – “Hard Hats”

Safety regulations require that hard hats be worn at all times during build-up and breakdown of the expo by all exhibitors and contractors.

All companies doing specialised, double-storey, or out of the ordinary stands require their own safety files, safety equipment and certification for rigging and building over 2.5 meters - See Form No. 2

Stand security

Exhibitors who wish to arrange a dedicated security guard on their stands to complete Form No. 4. to order. Deadline is Friday, 31st January 2020.

There will be no security for exhibitors on Sunday prior to build-up (this is for contractors only).

Security screens

Hire an Expo Screen (Form No.8) to safeguard your valuable items on your stand (Applicable to Package stands only).

Security Tips

  • Be especially alert during build-up and breakdown – do not leave your stand unattended.
  • Escort goods to your stand.
  • Treat valuable goods such as prototypes as irreplaceable.
  • Ensure you have staff on your stand during show hours.
  • Cell phones, ipads, TV’s, laptops, electronic devices and small items are particularly vulnerable to theft.
  • Do not leave valuable items in cupboards or drawers on your stand.
  • Obtain proper insurance coverage for your goods during build-up, expo, and breakdown including transit to and from the show venue.
  • Do not employ casual labour from outside the venue and parking areas. Contact TST On-Site Management & Logistics
  • Hire a lockable canvas Expo Screen to safeguard your valuable items on your stand. Applicable to shell scheme/package stands only – for casual vetted workers.

Breakdown: Security

The Organisers provide general security on Sunday, 1 March after close of show and Monday, 2 March 202 up to 16h00. Items or displays not removed by that time will be disposed of by the venue at the expense of the exhibitor without exception.