Services Offered


Carpeting on stands in the Main Arena will be grey. No carpets in the D’Vine Life Area.

Alternatively, colour options can be ordered by completing Form No. 12 for Main Arena.

Download the PDF Carpeting Brochure here On the furniture brochure page 24 or 26 is the correct carpeting option please save only this page and link.

  • Should you not require carpets on your stand, please indicate on the Carpeting Form No. 12 by deadline date, 31 January 2020. This will alleviate unnecessary time delays spent lifting carpets during build-up and prevent a penalty charge of R235 per tile, should a request be made during build-up.
  • Any soiled/damaged or missing carpet tiles will be charged to the Exhibitor at R200 per square meter.
  • Please do not use glue to affix your own floor covering. Only double-sided carpet tape is to be used to affix carpeting to the floor.
  • Use heavy duty plastic/similar covering to cover carpet tiles to avoid damage to the carpets.
  • Any carpet tape not properly removed will be charged to the exhibitor.

Credit Card Facilities

To order Mobile Credit Card facilities contact WAPPOINT.

Heloise Fourie – 021 300 0121

Electrical Services

Refer to contract regarding electrical package ordered – number of plug/s and spot/s dependent on size and number of stands:

  • Floor space only stands include a plug point(s) only.
  • Premium Package stands include plugs and spotlights.
  • D’vine Life include plugs and spotlights.
  • Truly Artisan stands include plugs and spotlights.

Should you require any additional lighting or electrical points, please complete Form No.14. Only the electrical contractors hired by the Organisers are permitted to carry out electrical installations and will be supplying a stand-by service for the duration of the exhibition for their electrical equipment.

Electrical brochure can be downloaded here

Read the Electrical Safety Regulations here

A certificate of compliance (C0C) to be issued for any on-site electrical installation completed by the exhibitors’ electrician.(Complete Form No 2).

If the COC is not received before the show opens, power will be disconnected until certificate is received.

Furniture Rental

Please contact Inspire furniture rentals & sales for all your furniture requirements.

Download furniture brochure here

Contact Sandran Malete from Inspire Furniture: call 087 470 0670 email

Furniture Hire

Exhibitors needing to hire furniture must complete Form No.13 – there is no furniture supplied on stands. Delivery of furniture will be on Wednesday, 26 February 2020. Please ensure a representative from your company is on your stand to sign and take delivery of furniture ordered.

Do not remove furniture hired from your stand after close of Expo – GL Events will collect

Download furniture brochure here

Contact Adri Pentz from GL Events on: 082 929 3335 or 011 210 2500

Portage / Drayage

TST Management & Logistics is the official on-site handling and drayage agent for the expo. The drayage system includes conveyance of exhibition materials from the loading bays during build-up, delivery to your stand and re-delivery from your stand to the loading bays on breakdown.

The use of trolleys during show open hours is not permitted.

Read more on portage services

For further assistance contact Tyron on 082 450 3480 or

Media Office

A Media Office will be set up for the duration of the exhibition and is run by our Public Relations Department. The Media Office will be located on the Mezzanine level adjacent to the Organisers Office. HOMEMAKERS Expo PR Executive can be contacted on 0861 11 HOME/4663 or e-mail:

Remember to submit press releases by no later than 31 January 2020. Any product launches, new releases and newsworthy material is welcome and HOMEMAKERS will endeavour to get best coverage and exposure for all submissions.

Plumbing & Water Supply

It is illegal to use fire hydrant hoses to supply water to stands. They are for emergency use only and seals must remain intact and not tampered with.

An exhibitor requiring running water for their exhibits e.g. small pools, spas, pool equipment, fish tanks, water purifiers etc. must order water and waste service requirements on Form No. 5.

Download the Plumbing Layout showing grid of water access points 

Only exhibitors with a stand situated over the water and drainage ducts can have access to the service. Please contact Michelle Crouwkamp on 086 111 4663 or for more information.

No water may be emptied into the ducts. There are drainage points on the floor and water must be released correctly, via a hose and into the correct outlet in the ducts.

Any damage to electrics in the ducts from water will be invoiced to the exhibitor.

Telephone Hire

Deadline Date for Service Form: 31st January 2020 without exception. Late and incomplete applications will not be approved

Telkom procedures for Exhibitors requiring temporary hiring facilities:

  • All local exhibitors are required to forward copies of their Company Registration papers (CC, CO,BK), together with a letter of authorization signed by one of the Company Directors and a copy of that Directors I.D. number if the applicant is not an existing customer.
  • The above documents must accompany the application form.
  • Clients requesting additional information can contact Roslean Valentine on 021 414 0211 or

Exhibitors who wish to apply for a Telephone service to complete Form No.6.

All charges levied by Telkom will be for the exhibitor’s account.

List of Service Forms