Venue Regulations

Roller Doors

No roller door may be manually opened under any circumstances.

Roof & catwalk

No banners will be allowed to be suspended from the roof or catwalk.

Lifts & escalators

The escalators and lifts will only be operational during show days. Access to the escalators and lifts must be kept clear at all times.


Ensure adequate floor protection, in the form of heavy-duty plastic, laid down before materials are used that may cause damage to the floor (i.e. tiles, concrete, bricks, sand, etc.).


The exhibitor concerned shall be responsible for and shall repair, to the satisfaction of Ticketpro Dome, any damage to the property and the venue. Failure to do so within seven days after the last Breakdown day being Monday, 2 March 2020, the exhibitor will be liable to pay damage costs as invoiced by Ticketpro Dome.

Ticketpro Dome, may without notification to the Organisers and at its sole discretion, carry out repairs to restore the property and recover costs from the exhibitor, which shall be payable on demand. Should any floor area be damaged in any way, a charge of R560-00 (excl.) per square meter will be charged with an additional 5% administration levy and a charge of R3 025 (excl.) will be charged for any damage in terms of drilling, driving into venue.

Cutting & grinding

No cutting or grinding will be permitted in the venue (See Main Arena build-up layouts for outdoor designated areas).


  • No fixing, attachment or penetration of any fabric, structure or floor is permitted.
  • No painting of any fabric, structure or floor is permitted
  • No washing or cleaning of paint equipment anywhere other than in the facilities provided for this purpose. In particular, exhibitors shall not use any of the toilet facilities for this purpose.
  • No welding, spray painting, cutting of wood is allowed in venue.

You need the written consent from the Organisers to:

  • Suspend any object from any ceiling or roof construction.
  • Bring any article into the venue, which would exceed the floor loading limits.
  • Exhibit any substance that is hazardous, noxious, explosive or of an objectionable nature.
  • Exhibit items that produce fumes, exhaust or smoke.
  • Operate machinery and apparatus.
  • Use or display of pyrotechnics and lasers.
  • Use or display of radio active materials, flammable liquids, oils and gasses as well as welding or compressed air.
  • Use of balloons and public entertainment including amusement displays, live performances and live animals on display.

Smoking policy

Ticketpro Dome, is a smoke-free venue. The designated smoking area is outside Entrance 3.

Emergency procedures

Exhibitors must familiarise themselves with the layout of the venue, the location of the emergency exits and the nearest fire fighting equipment.

In the event of an emergency:

  • Immediately report the incident of concern to the Expo Organisers office on the Mezzanine level.
  • The Dome Emergency Management Team will take charge of the situation.
  • Always follow the Emergency Management Team’s instructions.
  • Remain calm, leave the building as quickly and orderly as possible, adhering to the instructions of the Emergency Management Team.
  • Please note that all the venue lifts will come to ground and escalators will stop operating.